Georgina Jeffery is a British author of speculative fiction. Her stories blend elements of fantasy, humour and horror, and tend to reflect her fascination with folklore from around the world. Her books include a mix of funny urban fantasy (The Jack Hansard Series) and dark fairy tales (the Dark Folklore series).

Her work can also be found in the urban fantasy anthology The San Cicaro Experience from Thunderbird Studios; the horror fiction podcast The NoSleep Podcast; Unbreakable Ink from Indomitable Ink; and Copperfield Review Quarterly, a journal of historical fiction.

Email: georgina@georginajeffery.com

Facebook: @GJefferyAuthor

Twitter: @GJefferyAuthor

Instagram: @GJefferyAuthor

Coblyn Press is the publishing imprint owned by Georgina Jeffery.

The Artist

Dominique Lane is a freelance concept artist and illustrator who works in a variety of styles and mediums. Her visualisation of Jack Hansard has helped shape the series it into what it is today, and I am incredibly proud and grateful to have her as cover artist and series illustrator. To see more of Dom’s work, visit her portfolio or Instagram.

It should go without saying that ownership of intellectual property is implied in the creation of that property. Although these stories are free to read, please do not copy or distribute my work without my permission.


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