Otherwise Engaged

This evening I was supposed to finish editing and upload Episode 19 of the Jack Hansard Series . . . but I haven’t, because a LIFE EVENT has happened to me.

My partner, Jake, against his better judgement and general common sense, decided to propose to me today. And I, against my better judgement and general common sense, accepted.

An evening of rollicking debauchery followed (we had a bottle of port and rang round our relatives, exciting stuff). Unfortunately this means I’m postponing Episode 19 until, I don’t know when – maybe tomorrow, maybe this weekend. It won’t be long, anyhow.

If you’re the type of person who like these things, here’s the ring – as unconventional as we are.

It’s a medieval ring of the ‘clasped hands’ type, otherwise known as a fede ring. (So it’s not even new! He bought me a second-hand ring! But just try telling me it isn’t cool to be presented with a ring that was probably used in a betrothal some 600 years ago.)


So there we are, achievement unlocked, onto the next level of the game. Hope I’ve unlocked some cool new superpowers to go with it. (Just call me huldra.)

Take care all, you’ll hear from me again soon~

P.S. The two catch-phrases of the evening: “When’s the wedding?” and “How’re the chickens?” . . . People are weird xD

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