The Fear of Failure

A friend of mine writes this cracking blog with great tips for writers (and most recently some fascinating travel articles from Berlin). Here she addresses a topic that crops up a lot in my blog – the inherent fear in writing – and she offers some great advice to tackle it.

Her Dark Majesty

I’ve had this site set up since Christmas. I spent ages choosing my layout, the exact shade of colour I wanted as my background, my header and tag line. The next six months I stared at a blank page and thought to myself “Ah, well I don’t have time this week. There’s that important paper I have to write… and that book I’ve been meaning to read… maybe next week.”

It’s quite scary getting your writing out on the big wide web, where it can be criticised and talked about. What if I’m not as good as I thought I was? What if it doesn’t get any views? What if I’m a failure? I think the fear of failure is one of the biggest challenges to over come, even overcoming the fear to start an introduction blog post to a community who probably won’t find it until I’m several, more…

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